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Health Week

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 photo rugby 1_zpsaeflmtpy.jpg
 photo rugby 2_zps24aipevh.jpg
 photo P2 Aerobics_zpsc2arhd2q.jpg
 photo aerobics 2_zps0pquzb5y.jpg
 photo sugar 1_zpsijokwk0i.jpg
 photo sugar 2_zpsqhvrt7jh.jpg
 photo sugar 3_zps7rc4eudf.jpg
 photo eatwell plate_zpsdotprppk.jpg
 photo fruit tasting_zps4cjzq0dk.jpg
 photo skipping 2_zpsjxe5yvmz.jpg
 photo skipping_zpsps053ymn.jpg

We’ve been very busy week during Health Week trying out different sports and learning about healthy eating.  We sorted food into groups, made an eatwell plate, designed fruit characters and tasted lots of different fruits.  We also talked about different types of sugars, discovering how much sugar was in our favourite drinks. Finally, we were exhausted and very muddy after the Assault Course.

What have you enjoyed about Health Week?

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