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The Street

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We have been very busy with The Street topic.

 photo graphs_zpslmlke79t.jpg

We used tally marks and made different types of graphs to display information about our own houses.

 photo flashearth_zps5blua36j.jpg

We used and google maps to find our own houses.

 photo floor plans_zpss8vdbfz2.jpg

We have learned about bird’s eye view and created floor plans of our own bedrooms.

 photo beebot_zpsblmahky9.jpg

Using Beebot to learn about directions and making our own Beebot mats for Big Town.

 photo families_zpsmcxorq7w.jpg

We have worked with Family Partners, creating a new family and sharing with the class.

 photo dream houses_zpswf4hzbwr.jpg

Family Partners received letters from Mr B Builder explaining they had won a competition to design a dream house.

 photo estate agents_zpslsldbam8.jpg

Finally, working with Family Partners to produce Home Reports and For Sale schedules for the houses in Big Town.

Phew! We have been very busy!

What have you enjoyed about our topic so far?

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